Midol Skate

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fountainNowThis week we were all a bunch of whiners... well not all of us but we had more excuses than Tiger Woods with a hangover. We did manage to get a skate in, but it was on the short and sweet side.

We started off north but didn't circle the block first. The Navigator blamed it on the catering tables and film crew setup in our parking lot, but whatever the reason we paid the price, doubling back to meet up with Dario, climbing Hill St to the Ft. Moore fountain in the process. For those of you who wondered, it was shut off duringn the 1977 drought. Click the image to read more about resoration plans making the rounds in 2011.

3-12-2013Once we gathered up hisself, we took a nice long roll down Hill St..  ight on 7, left on Flower, right on 9, left on Fig, right on Olympic and into the Church of Money. A lap around the Convention Center led to Pico which led to the Fashion District and Santee Alley. Net we cruised 10th to Sam's Hof Brau, through the Produce section and over to Mateo/Santa Fe to 3rd and we're done.  Back Pain, Ankle Pain and Gym Pain all bailed while Cranky, Sleepy and Latey pushed on to the bar.

Once again we did Pizza and PBR's at Rocket Pizza, and then we went home... 'cause that's where we live.