Hollywood Remote Skate

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Funcapture_155The December Remote Skate was expressly "fun". 

It was a good crowd. There was a playful mood, being just before Christmas, and of course Hollywood Boulevard's famous "Walk of Stars" is a street-skater's dream. The ground marble surface is like glass. The only impurity to that sidewalk is the people on it. Going east is downhill, so we enjoyed about 10 blocks of sidewalk surfing before we went up to Yucca and headed east.

2011-12-20_20-21-18_563We followed Franklin a bit and then went back down to Hollywood Blvd, still tracking east, past the Western Ave. Red Line station, and then dropped down to use the new "sharrows" painted on Fountain Blvd. From there we turned up L. Ron Hubbard Way, went around the hostpital and then climbed the stairs to the Barnsdall House.

2011-12-20_20-31-41_351After a few minutes of enjoying the view, we skated back down to Hollywood Blvd., and then took Sunset toward town to Fountain.  From there we got back up to the Boulevard, and skated the stars all the way back to Highland and the Red Line station. Along the way we stopped at L. Ron's entirely inappropriate "Winter Wonderland, and we poked our heads in the "Believe It or Not" Museum.2011-12-20_22-03-03_630

Deets: A smidge over 9 miles, a smidge under 1 hr & 45 minutes, and less than 200 ft. of elevation change.