Where is the mailing list? How do I sign up?

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To sign up, join, unsubscribe, quit, and/or otherwise edit your account/subscription to the list, go here:

The list is for you. Let others know where you're skating, what you're doing, organize rides, or just let other skaters know you're planning to show up. You

About the List

You have the ability to customize how you get mail from the list. A few things of note:

-- poster filtering - (a.k.a. less spam!) you will not be able to post to the list unless your return address is the same as the address with which you're subscribed. This means that only list members can post.

-- reply-to-all suppressed - this means that if you send an email and someone hits reply to all, the listserve should be able see that, and will not send you another copy of that email.

--moderation - this list could be moderated (i.e. posts are reviewed and approved before posting), but is not.

-- digest form - you may elect to get emails from the list once a day, in a bulk form, instead of getting every email and every reply sent. Our traffic volume isn't heavy, so this probably isn't an issue for most of you, but if you've subscribed using a work address or something you can keep that incoming traffic to a minimum by selecting the digest option. (see personal configuration below)

-- topic filters - if you ONLY want to receive messages regarding a particular subject, such as "Traveling Night Skate" (for example), you may select that filter, and only messages with "Travel" or "Pasadena" in the subject will be sent to your address; no other messages will come to you. For example, sometimes people choose to have ALL the messages sent to their home address, but subscribe their work address to receive only messages on a specific topic. (see personal configuration below)

-- automated unsubscribe - you can quit the list and or change the email address at which you receive emails without intervention from anyone else (see personal configuration below)

--conceal yourself from subscriber list - When someone views the list membership, your email address is normally shown (in an obscured fashion to thwart spam harvesters). If you do not want your email address to show up on the membership roster at all, change this option. (see personal configuration below)

-- personal configuration -  To change your personal options or to subscribe other people to the list, you'll need to visit the list information page here:

It is strongly suggested you click the link above and change your personal options. Near the bottom of the page is a button labeled "Unsubscribe or edit options". Enter the email address with which you are subscribed, and click the button. The page that follows will allow you to set your personal password, as well as your subscription options. You should set a password for your account, but don't use anything important (like your banking PIN or something), because the default setting for the list is to send you your password once a month in plain text.