Places and Terms

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There are a lot of places we go to that have earned monikers, either rightly or by our sly wit, and we know those may not mean anything to most folks. This page is where we put information about these items, unless the item gets it's own article.

Skater Terminology

  • OWWW -- One-Way Wrong-Way - this is the ocassional skating faux pas which although ill advised happens more often that you think.
  • Rail Skate -- Taking a train from the start to some place and skating back to the start.
    • (also Reverse Rail Skate - Skating from the start to a train station and then taking the train back to the start.)
  • Remote Skate -- The Group meets somewhere besides downtown the Meetup.
  • YO-YO - You're On Your Own. This only happns if you run afoul of George's Rule.

Locations in the greater LA basin (generally skate related)

  • Buildings and Centers
  • Convention Center - That's the big blue building next to the Staples Center
  • Church of Money - That's the big brightly lit space a.k.a. LA Live
  • Flashy Floor Place - This is a really cool building where they have a lighted grid on the floor of the entrance to the building, and an analogous set of lighted squares on the side of the building. Only the gifted can light all the squares at once! 
  • Parks and Spaces
    • Pershing Square -
    • Confluence Park - 
    • St. Vincent Place -
  • Paths and Trails
    • LARP - 
  • Neighborhoods and Areas
    • Frogtown - 
    • Pickletown - 
  • Other
    • Seven Points of Hate -
    • MBCT - the Mid-Block Cut-Through - The route from Hill St. to San Pedro Ave., in between and parallel to 2nd and 3rd St.'s.


  • the Meetup (downtown) - 
  • the Hollywood Meetup - 
  • the Beverly Hills Meetup - 
  • the Pasadena Meetup - 
  • the Culver City Meetup - 
  • the NoHo Meetup - 
  • the Venice Meetup - 

Skate Parks

  • City of Los Angeles
  • Other Cities
    • Culver City (9910 Jefferson Blvd., Culver City) - The Culver City Skatepark is one of the most popular skateparks in Los Angeles. Created by the city and a group of local skaters, the park features a wealth of park features, including ledges, rails, a flow area and of course, the clover pool — probably the best skatepark pool in Southern California.
    • Santa Monica (a.k.a. "The Cove") - 14th and Olympic, Santa Monica - 20,000 square feet of ramps, bowls and stairs make up one of the modern birthplaces of skating. This is where the Dogtown gang spent much of their time transforming surf moves into skateboarding tricks. When skateboarding hit another wave of popularity in the 1990s, the Cove was a prime location in skateboarding videos. Moderate cost for admission.
    • Glendale - 1621 Canada Blvd., Glendale - Street, vert and pool sections make Glendale skatepark a 15,000-square-foot gem for local skaters to pull off new tricks. For tranny riders, the park is a must-see, with a kidney pool and combination bowl. A snake run mixes a street course, mini ramp and vert basin for a nice flow area. Moderate cost for admission.
    • Belvedere - 4914 E. Cesar Chavez Ave., Los Angeles - This $1.1 million skatepark in East Los Angeles designed by Lawrence R. Moss & Associates is an all-out tribute to skateboard culture. When the park opened, local pros such as Tony Alva tested out the concrete. Complete with pools, a wall ride, vert waves and more, the park is packed with features and skaters who know their tricks.

Pedestrian Facilities

  • Open
    • i-10
    • I-110
  • Closed - we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on tunnels and overpasses, then close them.
    • I-10
      • Orchard Street
      • 4th Ave
    • I-101
    • 1-110
      • 21st Street