October's Adventure Skate

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Metro SignFor September we tried something a little new as our little group set descended on the LA Metro, rode in our sock feet to Hollywood and then skated back to Downtown. It was quite interesting to see the gang trying to figure out the system. Reading the instructions and buying tickets was interesting to watch, as was watching the fellahs try to figure out how to activate the turnstiles. I think we had a few folks on the metro train for their first trip ever.No Whiners

We know that Don from DC hadn't been on the train before. He dropped in to skate with us while he was in town on business, and we did enjoy his company. Come on back anytime.

After catching up with Big G at the LaBrea Red Line stop, we proceeded downtown, cutting through Hollywood, past the bike district, across mid-town to Koreatown, and we finished up by buzzing the crowd leaving the Lakers first home game for the 2010/11 season. They won, 'natch!.

The night closed with weenies and beer at Wurstküche, including the requisite GIGANTIC two-fisted beer.  The crowd was thin and the din wasn't thick, so we hung around visiting for over an hour before calling it a night. 

A great skate, and definitely one to do again.