The Rules

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What are "The Rules"?

We have a few rules to keep things friendly.  No big whoop. We're not big on following rules in general and that includes our own, but still, you gotta have rules, right? 

  1. HAVE FUN!
  2. Make Friends
  3. Safety Third*
  4. There is NO rule number 4.
  7. Let's Roll!

    *See below (click "Read More" over there --->)
  8. No Skaters Left Behind - Means just what it says, we've never lost a skater, and never will.
  9. Don't be late - It's inconsiderate and we will leave your ass.
    1. There is a $5 penalty for arriving late (see 9.4 below) 
    2. If you are planning to show up, let someone else know or we will not wait on you
    3. If you are running late, let someone know and we will wait for you
    4. If you are late, please park in the pay lot... that's your $5 penalty for being late
  10. Watch out for your own safety
    1. Look both ways before crossing the street. 
    2. Don't run red lights.
    3. Do not do any skating with us without checking for yourself
    4. Always wear a helmet and appropriate protective gear
    5. Blah, blah, blah...
  11. To have a skate, we need 4 (four) skaters - If we do not reach that quorum, we have a "non-skate" which:
    1. may or may not involve skating
    2. may break all the other rules
  12. On the 5th Tuesday in any month we will have a "Remote Skate"
    1. We will NOT meet at the usual sport @ 2nd and San Pedro
    2. Join the Facebook page or follow the Twitter account to find out where we will meet.
  13. We don't get rained out...
    1. ... much, so look to the Facebook Page, Twitter Account or Mailing List to find out if we're skating. 
    2. A "go/no-go" decision will ALWAYS be made by noon on Tuesday. 
  14. Follow the Leader
    1. "Follow the Leader" has only one rule:  Follow the Leader
    2. Please note that the "Leader" is offerning navigational advice only and is no way responsible for you, your actions or safety or the actions or safety of anyone other than themselves. In other words watch your ass, you can get hurt out there. It's a dangerous place in the big old world and nobody's gonna be better at looking out for your safety than you.
  15. The Geroge Rule
    1. If you stop to take a phone call, check an email, post something to Twitter, answer a text, etc., we will wait for you/come back to collect you once per night.
    2. After that YO-YO