Flatlands Skate

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39th St., USCThat was a gooder that one was. We had a good-sized crowd on the November 1st skate, and we were all ready to skate. We had a minor altercation with the Police ("Gentlemen, I believe that's called a red light!") before we got out of downtown, but they were copacetic. The evening also gave us a few other memorable quotes, including "Follow the leader has only one rule," "Hey what are you doing over there, breaking up with him?" and "A great big 10 foot pole!".  (Details available upon request.)

We skated south from the start along Wall and Trinity until we got to the Gilbert Lindsay Recreational Park and hung out for a few minutes at the skate park. From there we skipped across the 110 on 43rd and headed west. There was a brief stop at Vermont Square Peak, where we spent a few minutes enjoying the Library of the same name. Flatlands RouteMore westward skating along 42nd took us all the way to Leimert Park. We rested for a few minutes at the fountain before heading back along 39th. Some foolin' around at USC preceeded the last stretch back up Broadway to downtown. Overall stats for the night included 17 miles skated in 2 hours & 16 minutes, with a mere 182 feet of vertical gain.

Once we got downtown, we crossed town on 3rd, lost a couple to the parking lot, and then headed to Würstküche.  A giant, two-fisted, $5 beer later and we'd lost the damn car. It only took 15 minutes of skating around near the parking lot to find it though, and we were back home before our designated driver got sleepy.