Pasadena Remote Skate

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capture_116This week we went back to Pasadena for another remote skate.  We had a good turnout for a remote skate, and pulled off a super-fun - albeit somewhat technical - route. Anyone who tells you they weren't tired after this skate wasn't really there.  In spite of a relatively short distance (a smidge under 12 and a half miles) we spent 2 and a third hours skating, and climbed almost 1000 feet in overall elevation.  It didn't seem like that much when we were doing it, but we were spanked by the time we finished up.

2011-10-18_20-54-05_719We did the Colorado St bridge (yay, adrenaline!) climbed back up from the Rose Bowl and toured the old Ambassador Auditorum grounds, grass-skated the hill to the Maranatha High School fields, smelled the roses at the Tournament of the Roses headquarters, and finished up with a romp around Cal-Tech and its sports fields.  


2011-10-18_21-56-18_825Afterwards it was smoothies and shakes at "21 Choices" on Colorado, great folks, great service, excellent yogurt and free water. Johnny Rockets, you guys are officially off the list. Your stores are never open. :-)  The skate wrapped up just after 10pm, and yours truly was back home in Beverly Hills just past 11:30pm.  See y'all next week!