YADRA Skate (Yet Another Downtown Roll-Around)

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TNS massiveThis week we did a loosey goosey downtown rollaround, mainly because glorious leader was worried about breaking a sweat.  The good news is that we have a new waiter at Senior Fish who doesn't yet know we're the worst table in the joint. 

We took in the usual sights at the Church of Money, added yet another 7-11 to the "Points of Hate" list, and we accosted some local rent-a-cops who were protecting the Walt's waiters from our AWSUM SK8N SKILZ.  We got lectured by a bunch of protestors who are "dedicated to non-violence" ("The man" called and said, "Thanks Pansies".) We stopped by a magic flushable Dalek, saw the Dark Side of the Moon at the Pershing Square station, and of course, who could ever forget...

  ... the "2011 Big Fat Girls Smoking Convention"?