West Adams Skate

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The Rindge House in 1910Tuesday, September the 6th was exceptionally warm, so much so that everyone mentioned it as we gathered at the start. We were a tight group, so we headed out for some virgin streets west of USC, into the area known as the West Adams district. In the earliest part of the 20th century this area was one of the city's richest, and we cruised many of the grand homes of the area, including the Rindge House where the family that owned Malibu in those days (that's right, owned, as in all of it) stayed when they had to venture into town.

We eventually cut north into mid-Wilshire and made our way back downtown via 11th. It was 13+ miles in just under 2 hours, and was judged an excellent flat&fast route. Definitely one to do again.