SilverLake Skate!

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P1080564We wound up a small group, but since we were all strong street skaters, we decided to scout a new route, and we came up with the "SilverLake Skate".  You can catch a map of the route here.

This skate takes in the LA River Path, a relaxing skate past Silverlake, a somewhat sketchy bit past the 110 freeway, followed by a basically downhill roll through Koreatown,

 through Lafayette Park and MacArthur Park, a quick crawl through the punters fleeing the Staples Center like a crime scene ( the Laker's spanked the Hawks 104 to 80 ), before finally getting us back to Weenies and Beer just past 10pm.


This one we're going to definitely do again. It's got a bit of everything, and it's not too far for a strong group.

Quote of the week: "But he violated my personal try-before-you-buy policy...."