Another Chilly Skate

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roller_skating_xmasWe had a decent turnout in spite of another week of chilly temps, and we wound up the night with another fine meal at Wurstküche. Cold beer is a better apres skate reward when it's warm out, but we did our duty nonetheless. (Please forgive the obligatory skating Xmas critter. It's the law.)

The order of the day was a big loop around

downtown, including Pershing, the Church of Money, LACC, the 6th St. bridge, Hollenbeck Park, Utah-Paseo, and the 1st St. bridge. We spent about 5 minutes watching a bunch of shivering people with no apparent musical taste waiting for Katie Perry to play a "concert" in front of a giant blue LED Xmas tree that had been constructed at the Church of Money. It was something about the Oscar Nominations Ceremony, but we didn't stick around. A route track is here for those of you scoring at home.

Due to popular demand, next week's skate with be another Rail Skate.  We'll come up with a route over the next few days, so if you have any druthers, please post them in the comments below.