DT 2 NoHo: TNS goes LARP-ing

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  • Bring shoes or thick socks!
  • Bring $1.50
  • Lights are a (really) good idea but not required
  • Spread the word
  • We skate @ 8!
  • 2nd & San Pedro

This route will probably be fresh pavement for most of you, and, if you've never had a reason to ride the entire LA Metro Red Line, you will this time.  There's a map and other skatey info after the jump (permalink - )

View TNS Skate Routes in a larger map

We're going to skate the northern part of the LARP (that's the Los Angeles River Path, for those of you who are underinformed on such subjects). We'll leave it up to the group to decide which direction we skate (upriver or down), so be ready to vote before we roll. We will either skate to the North Hollywood train station and ride the train back to downtown or vice-versa.

As this is a RAIL SKATE, you should bring shoes or socks you're willing to ... just bring some flip-flops or something, otherwise you'll be walking around the train station in your sock-feet. You will also need to bring $1.50 for a one-way train ride.

This will be a longer skate, so if you want to bust out your speed skates and join us, this is a great week to do so. The path is smooth and wide, but it does get dark in spots, so if you've got some type of headlamp, bring it with you.

See you there!