Another DTRA with Virgin Pavement

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DTRA - 1.3.2012The first skate of 2012 was greeted by warm weather and a fair crowd.  We had no particular druthers, so we headed out for the semi-standard DownTown Roll Around. 

First we cruised the Police Department building and spent a few minutes admiring the badges and shields of the LAPD officers killed in the line of duty, then we headed off down Spring on the Green Lane. The obligatory St. Vinny's was followed by the Library, then the escalators up to the California Center.  

A new skate feature was then unveiled. Dubbed "the Corkscrew", the new section includes a steep carved entry down 2nd Street, flowing right onto southbound Olive Ave., and followed by another right onto General Thad Kosciuszko Way. We then rolled around on the super-secret lower level of Grand Ave., then we went the OWWW route on 4th street before heading back up the exit ramp to upper Grand Ave and rocking a blast down the Original Forbidden Garage, out onto Flower and down to Olympic. 

2012-01-02_20-58-29_224We cruised the skating rink at the Church of Money, then did the teensy carpark by the Conference Center. From there we took 12th to Barrington to 9th to Bonnie Brae where we stopped for a few minutes inspecting the Frederick Mitchell Mooers House. Afterwards we took the 7th St. bike lane back into downtown proper. 

Next we cruised the skating rink at Pershing Square, took the flight back up to the California Center. We did a run down the Black Diamond, and then misplaced a skater for a while. We gathered him up at 2nd and Fig, took the tunnel back under the hill and then finished up with the mid-block route back to the meetup.

Apres skate was intended to be Sr. Fish, but they don't even try to keep their late night business 'cause they'd closed the kitchen before we got there. Dejected, we opted to just hit a roach coach on the way home. 

Deets: 12.2 miles, 1hr 40 mins, and about ~300 ft of elevation change.