TNS does LACM part II

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capture_147We started out of the shop, as is usual for the CM events, but we had to make the trip to the meetup in high gear. The evening wasn't notably warm or cold, so hustling to Western & Wilshire in 30-ish minutes was the fun, technical sidewalk trick-skate that it should be, instead of the exhusting, exhaust-filled sweat-fest it can be.

The turnout was average, about 1000-1500 cyclists, and we hung on the Skater's Corner across from the Wiltern for all of sixty seconds before the official ride started. 

We jumped in for the usual start southbound on Western and grinned as we took a right on Olympic, headed right back to the shop.  A turn up San Vincente and a left onto Burton Way took us into Beverly Hills, where we were treated to both Rodeo and Beverly Drives in the famed "Golden Triangle".  After the "window shopping" we went across the 'hood and stopped at the Will Rogers Park north of the six-way (Cañon, Beverly & Lomitas) intersection. This is also known as the place where George Michael got his freak on a few years back.

Soon the cops were egging us on, so the group climbed up Sunset in about the most skater-unfriendly way possible, going steady up the hills, painfully slowly down the hills, and stopping at the #$%^&* bottom of them. Seriously, those police folks need to get out and ride more, the fat bastards. :) Just kidding, we love the bike cops out there, it's really those motorcycle guys that make the whole thing unpleasant. But I digress....

We dropped off as the group headed east on Santa Monica in WeHo 'cause the milkshakes were calling. And you know one must always answer the call.

Details: 22-ish miles, ~400 ft. elevation gain, 2 hours rolling, half hour stopped.