A Classic Downtown Route

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RalphsLast night we were a smallish but skilled group, and we wound up on a "tour of shoots" (not shots); St. Vincent's, Church of Money, Convention Center were all stocked with movie trailers and security guards. We got up on the hill, and met with some real fun:

"Hey! HEY! Do you need help?

"No, thanks though."

"You can't skate here."

7th St"Au contraire, my good man, this is a fantastic place for skating."

We finished up with the 2nd St Tunnel, a swing through Chinatown, a fly-by of the LA Prison Complex, and a sprint through the Arts District. The nightcaps were provided by "Villian's Tavern", and man was that some good stuff, highly recommended are fresh beers and shots. A couple of us went to Senior Fish for late night grub and cheep brews.