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3 26 2013


We sk8@ 8pm every Tuesday that happens in Los Angeles. Your ticket is secured, just show up! We got Facebook & MeetUp for hookin' up!

Are you a good skater? You ready to see the city at night? Lace 'em up and get to 2nd & San Pedro!

the knot

We meet at the corner of 2nd & San Pedro in downtown LA @ 7:45pm.

We skate @ 8:08pm!

The 5th Tuesday of any month we will visit other areas of LA, check the Facebook page for details.


Take Metro to Downtown!

Everybody likes driving, but nobody likes traffic. We always end near Metro rail stops and finish long before the trains stop running, so why not? Go ahead, try it out!.

Central Location


DTLA is the literal center of LA and it's our city's fastest growing area. We cover all of downtown, and there's no better way to see it than on skates!

Downtown Los Angeles is for Everybody!

We're as close as we can be to as many people as possible. There are over 10 million people within 50 miles of DLTA.

Bring the right gear!

This is an adult skate for good skaters. You don't need to be great, but you should be good. You want wheels in the 80mm or up range, you want pads to make you comfortable and most of all, bring some lights!!!

Rain or Shine

We never close! OK, we do cancel once in a blue moon, but we average 50 skates per year. If we do cancel it'll be on the Facebook page at least 2 hours before the start, so if you're unsure, check out our Facebook page!

Find some new friends!

We're here to have fun, meet people, and waste time, in pretty much that order. We ask that everybody shows up on time ('cause some folks have to work Wednesdays) but other than that, we're just looking for a good time.

our routes

... and here's a sampling of different routes we've done.


Flat, close

Sometimes we just stay downtown, but we'll explore all kinds of spaces both old and new.

Echo Park

Hilly, traffic

Going to Echo Park always means we'll get some hill work in, either way we go.

East Side

Hilly, dark

East LA is the city's first 20th century suburb, and it's a great skate.

West Adams

Mild hills, mixed traffic/residential

The West Adams district makes for fine skating on those nights when nobody wants to work too hard.

Pasadena 2 LA

Downhill, challenging

When we take the Metro to Pasadena, the ride back to LA is all about the downhill!

NoHo 2 LA

Flat, dark

Take the train to NoHo, then skate 17 miles back to downtown, 12 miles of it on traffic-free paths.

Contact Us

If you've got questions, or if you're interested in using our group for filiming or other promotional purposes, drop us a line!

new skaters are always welcome! You do not need an invitation or registration to join. Lace 'em up and come on down to

2nd & San Pedro, downtown Los Angeles
California, USA